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Padraigs Brewing: A Premier Destination for Craft Beer Aficionados in Minneapolis

Nestled in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis under the historic Broadway Building, you’ll find a gem known as Padraigs Brewing. This local craft brewery brings a unique twist to the city’s vibrant beer scene by infusing the rich traditions of Irish brewing into each pour. With their charming motto, “Craft Brewing with an Irish Lilt,” they promise an array of delightful craft beers which pay homage to Ireland’s brewing heritage dating back over five millennia.

As you step into Padraigs Brewing, the warm ambiance of Minneapolis’s local brew scene surrounds you. The brewery stands within walls steeped in history—a structure that once housed the innovative spirit of the Land O’ Nod Mattress Company. That innovative spirit lives on through Padraigs Brewing as they craft their beer with meticulous attention, offering a warm,  authentic taproom experience. Whether you’re searching for the perfect spot to unwind with friends or host a private event, this brewery offers an intimate setting that combines the best of Minneapolis hospitality with the soulful essence of Ireland.

When you’re on the lookout for “craft beer near me” or planning your next evening out in Minneapolis, Padraigs Brewing invites you to explore beyond the beer. They offer a variety of @#QZdaily events, from hosting regular traditional Irish music jams to weekly trivia and live music every Friday and Saturday.  Their events cater to both casual gatherings and private celebrations, ensuring that each visit is more than just a taste journey—it’s a vibrant part of the Northeast Minneapolis’s Arts community life. Step into their world to discover the intersection of history, culture, art and brewing excellence.

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Latest Happenings

The FrothyBand brings a wee bit of Ireland to Padraigs Brewing’s beautiful Paddy-O on a Summer’s Eve.
The FrothyBand debuts at Padraigs Brewing tonight, playing some of your Irish favorites  on their flute, fiddle, mandolin, uilleann pipes, and bouzouki! Wow! We have an feeling that some jigs will be danced on the Paddy-O tonight!
Taco-Taco is back at Padraigs Brewing tonight! We have 2 bands playing and it's going to be a great evening! Stop in for a taco, a beer and enjoy the music on the Paddy-O!
Big Woods Brass @bigwoodsbrass on the amazing @padraigsbrewing Paddy-O! Finally a day with no rain or heat! Perfect for a brass band and a cold beer.
Padraigs has signed up to be one of the first venues to play The Initials Game @theinitialsgamelive with @triviamafia starting on Wednesday, September 18. We have a few months before we kick things off, so there will be a lot more information coming your way, but start blocking out your Wednesdays now!
Thanks to everyone, especially our friends at @prodigalpubmn for making the launch of Bitter Brother, our first UK style beer a HUGE success! We had a wee inkling that there was a demand for an authentic Ordinary Bitter English Pale Ale, and we were right!
Looking for some funky brass music LIVE and some great beer? We have @bigwoodsbrass playing on the @padraigsbrewing Paddy-O this evening. It's gonna be fun.
The Big Day has arrived! Are you ready? Come early to make sure your team gets a seat! We'll have audio and wireless in the Taproom, the Cellar as well as on the Paddy-O. Trivia Mafia@triviamafia
Made with Irish Ingredients describes many of our wonderful beers, and team members

Discover Padraigs Brewing

Uncover an icon  of Minneapolis’ craft beer culture at Padraigs Brewing. Renowned for exceptional quality and a rich variety of styles, Padraigs isn’t just a brewery; it’s a destination.

Brewery Story

Founded on a passion for traditional craft brewing, Padraig’s intertwines authentic methods with innovative techniques. Like many local heroes, Padraigs first brew was a humble Irish Red Ale that boasted an irresistible balance of history and flavor and stands as a beacon of craft excellence in Minneapolis. Building on the success of the Red Ale, Padraigs has continued to fill out their portfolio of classic Irish brews, including an award winning Dry Stout as well as other craft brewing favorites such as Hazy and West Coast IPAs.   You’ll find grit and dedication to quality in every pint, sip, and conversation within the walls of this beloved establishment.