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with an irish lilt

Padraigs Brewing is a locally owned craft brewery tucked underneath the Broadway Building at the corner of Broadway and Central Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis.  The repurposed yellow-brick factory was built in 1921 for the Land O’ Nod Mattress Company who was best known for patenting the waterbed.

Padraigs Brewing’s tagline is “Craft Brewing with an Irish Lilt” which means we are focused on producing a wide range of craft beers, but our specialty is exploring the 5000+ year history of Irish brewing.

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Samuel John playing one of his own songs at Padraigs Brewing tonight
Samuel John & Brandon Duo tonight at Padraigs Brewing, it's gonna be fun
First things first...we're excited to announce that we have added a Porter to our growing family of Irish and UK-Style beers at Padraigs. It's on tap in the taproom and being distributed in kegs to our customers in the greater Metro. 

We always had a Porter on our list of products we wanted to develop, but it quickly moved to the top of the list after meeting with our good friends at Merlin's Rest, as they were losing their Porter supplier, and they not only sell the Porter, they use it as an ingredient in many of their yummy recipes! 

Dan Pund, our Head Brewer took on the challenge of developing a Porter that would not only taste fantastic, but also serve as a key ingredient in Merlin's Rest's food (more to come on this topic)

Why N.E. Porter? It's a long standing tradition to name a Porter after the city it was developed in (Fuller's is London Porter, Guinness' is Dublin Porter) so of course we named ours after N.E. Minneapolis.
Happy President's Day from Padraigs Brewing!
A positive article about Minneapolis breweries that featured a lot of pics of Padraigs and talked about our efforts. Check it our online or in the Sunday STRIB.
Life On A String keeping the Padraigs crowd happy this evening
Coloring Shadows exploring an amazing range of songs tonight, keeping the crowd singing, clappin and everyone’s feet are a tappin
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Last night’s first Traditional Irish Music Tune Session was a dream come true for us. The melody of flutes, fiddles and Uilleann pipes filled the taproom, transporting us back to the Emerald Isle..